Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Sharpen your oozy’s, your nozh’s and your britva’s o’my droogies…

This August, Scruffy Mutt Theatre will be performing an all female, youth theatre, adaptation of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ at the Fringe Festival.

We’re incredibly excited and yes, a tiny bit scared.

Performing at the Fringe is a huge undertaking that can be a daunting experience for a group of professionals, let alone a youth theatre. But we are more than confident that we can rise to the challenge. We have a fantastic young cast, brilliant source material to work from and a gut load of fighting spirit to ensure that we hit the Fringe real horrorshow. 

Just viddy this itinerary oh my brothers and sisters.

Sat 19th of August – Travel to Edinburgh

Sun 20th of August – Tech rehearsal

Mon 21st of August – Sat the 26th, Perform in the Space @ Niddry St Upper, 12.50 pm, £8/6

Sun 27th of August – Come home. Rest. Recuperate. Start planning to do it all over again in 2018.

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