Scruffy Mutt Dance Company

Aged between 10 and 18, the members of Scruffy Mutt Dance Company have been chosen because of their outstanding gymnastic ability and their training in styles such as Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap.

The company represents Cornwall in numerous nationwide competitions and productions. They have recently performed in Bristol as guest artists at ‘The Great British Dance Off’ and in November will be taking part in the fiercely competitive annual ‘Encore’ competition, a contest that draws the best dance companies from around the country.

If you would like to join, please contact Jade Fiori for information on auditioning, but please be aware, becoming a member of Scruffy Mutt Dance is huge commitment. We are looking for exceptional dancers with high technique training, and, if you are selected, you would be training and rehearsing at least 4 hours a week (Many of the members also supplement their training through private tuition and by dancing with various other companies).